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January 12, 2014
In game shot showing clickable dart board and score table.
End of game shot showing heat map of winning user's throws.

Access the Dart Score Keeper App!


For Christmas I received a dart board.  Excited to get back into darts I dug up my old Java Dart Score Keeper, but unfortunately it isn't working with my version of Java.  Rather than patching it, I set out to create a new scoring app using the SVG jQuery darts board interface from David Williams.  



  • Unlimited Players
  • Desktop and tablet support
  • Click directly on the board to add your points
  • Point history with round subtotals
  • Throws are plotted as a heat map on the board at the end, showing which sections were hit the most for each player.
  • Unlimited Undo


The app isn't as polished as I might like, but it certainly works.  If you have a suggestion for an improvement please leave a comment below.



Java Dart Score Keeper

December 30, 2011

It's not that the mental math was hard for me in calculating dart scores, but remembering my score from round to round proved to be too much. A good friend and I wrote this score-keeper very quickly to fill that need. It is for any 301-style game (you enter your own point value). Also, since most of us suck at darts too much to actually hit 0 on the head, we implemented a threshold of zero that constitues a win. There is alot of room for improvement (like an UNDO!), but for now it works. 5 players max.

Written January 2006, while I was a Junior in college.

Java Dart Score Keeper

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