Round - 3" x 9" - Green & Blue Color-Leaching

December 16, 2011 (last modified: December 30, 2011)

2.2 lbs 140° F paraffin wax
2.5 Tbsp of Paraflint
0.5 oz "rain" scented oil
I poured the wax @ 215° F. It has to be hot to fully dissolve the paraflint into the wax. When it had cooled enough that blowing on it created goosebumps, I dumped a bunch of dye shavings on top. Usually I would use a butane torch the melt the shavings in, but here they melted on their own and eventually sank down into the wax. The next day the candle was dry, but there was a huge cavern (the hotter the poured wax, the bigger the cavern). I reheated the leftover wax to fill the cavern and add another centimeter of wax on the top. When the candle was fully-cooled it came out of the mold very easily.