Round - 3" x 9" - Blue Color-Leaching

December 16, 2011 (last modified: December 30, 2011)

This was a unity candle I made for a friend's wedding. It is 140° F paraffin wax with paraflint added. After melting everything together at very high temperatures, I let the wax cool to about 150° F before pouring. When the candle had cooled enough to form a skin on top I added blue dye shavings and melted them in with a butane torch. Because the wax was poured at such a low temperature in combination with the paraflint additive, it has an almost fuzzy texture. When the butane torch was used to melt in the dye it raised the temperature of the wax at the top, giving that area a smooth texture. This candle was difficult to get out of the mold, and left alot of material stuck to the inside.