Hexagon - 3" x 6" - Glowing Stripes & Chunks

December 16, 2011 (last modified: December 30, 2011)

This candle was made using a glow powder additive from readysetglo.com. I added the powder to 140° F paraffin wax, and poured it into a glass dish. Using a whisk I whipped the wax into an oatmeal consistency. This helps suspend the additive in the wax to achieve a consistent glow. When the wax was cool enough I cut three strips that would fit the mold. I re-melted the leftover wax and made small chunks to fill the rest of the candle. Finally I poured some blue-dyed paraffin @ 160° F over the chunks.
The candle took about 3 hours to cool. It came out of the mold very easily. It shines so brightly you can do shadow puppets with it!