3x3 grid of square 3" x 6"

December 16, 2011 (last modified: December 30, 2011)

I started this candle by making red, yelow, and blue chunks. The red chunks are scented with frankincense oil, the yellow chunks are scented with sandlewood oil, and the blue chunks are scented with myrrh oil. The scents go together very well. I then used a square 3" x 6" mold and made chunk candles pouring the 140° F paraffin wax at various temperatures. It was an expirement of sorts to see how chunk candles turn out at different temperatures. When all the candles were cooled I used soft paraffin to fill the pits.
After an hour or so of burning all the candles melt together to form a gigantic melt pool. I used a cloth belt for the first few burnings to make sure all the candles stayed together. I've now burned it down an inch or so and have taken the belt off, they hold themselves together perfectly. There was a while during the winter where our heater wasn't working very well. When I came home from work I would just light this candle and the whole apartment would get warm in no time :-)